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Tax remittance is an integral aspect of any company, in bid to make our clients companies a world-class organization, the taxation outfit of Regville Associates was setup to:

Offering professional Tax advisory

Assisting in acquiring relevant Tax documents and certificates such as State Tax Clearance Certificate and FIRS Tax Clearance Certificate

Reminder of payment of CAC Annual Returns

Ensuring you have good stead with the FIRS

Filing of annual returns

Filing of VAT returns

Auditing and Compliance

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Company Registration

Company Name Registration

A Company/Business Name is the cheapest and the simplest form of business registration. In this class of registration ‘Proprietor’ is used and not shareholders, majority of sole proprietors embrace this kind of registration due to its fee and the simplicity, it is suitable for artisans, accountants, lawyers etc.

The word Enterprises, Concept, Company Ventures are mostly used for its suffixes.

Proprietor membership ranges from 1-20

Certificate of proficiency is necessary for professional services like law firm

Proprietor must be person of sound mind and must be more than 18 years old

Proprietor must not be a fraudulent person

For Consulting firms a minimum of Masters Degree is required and for Educational firms a minimum of Teaching Certificate is required e.g NCE

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You are not alone!

Regville Associates closely partners reputable consulting firms in diverse areas to give your Company edge in all ramifications.

Management Consultancy: Regville Associates is in partnership with Portal Consultancy Services Limited to offer you unmatched management advisory ranging from organizational structure, recruitment, market research, change management, appraisals, organizational behavior, and lots more.

Legal Consultancy: Regville; incorporated as a Legal and Consultancy firm is not new in this field, Our legal compliance services are designed to ensure your limited company complies with relevant legal obligations, with little hassle and cost to yourself and also assist you in drafting of contracts and all other legal works

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