Post Incorporation Services

Regville Team offers an extensive range of post-incorporation services relating to the structural changes of a Company. We will prepare and file all appropriate documentation.

  • Change in Authorized Share Capital
  • Change in Allotment of Share Capital
  • Change in Particulars of Proprietors/Partners/Directors/Shareholders
  • Change of Registered Company Name
  • Change of Registered Company Address
  • Change of Proprietors
  • Change of Partners
  • Change of Directors
  • Change of Shareholders
  • Change of Trustees
  • Appointment of Directors
  • Appointment of Company Secretary
  • Appointment of Trustees
  • Appointment of Liquidator
  • Alteration of Memorandum and Article of Association
  • Re-registration of Business Name as Limited Liability Company
  • Re-​registration and Conversion of Unlimited Company as Limited by Shares
  • Re-​registration and Conversion of Company Limited by Shares as Unlimited Company
  • Re-registration and Conversion of Private Company as Public Liability Company
  • Filing of Annual Returns
  • Filing of Dissolution of Trustees
  • Filing of Cessation of Business Name
  • Obtaining Certified True Copies of Documents
  • Winding-Up of Companies




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