Regulatory Requirements


We are familiar with the nature of the operations of regulatory bodies in Nigeria at Regville Associates, and we know that a lot of paper works and procedural requirements are involved in the process of seeking the appropriate approvals from different regulatory bodies depending on the type of company and products or service rendered. We are of a strong opinion that you do not need to go back and forth in ignorance; while Regville Associates can help you through the entire process as you spend productive time engaging in other important business activities. With Regville Associates, you do not have to worry about the tedious documentations and procedures in dealing with:

1. Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund ( NSITF )

The Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) is one of the foremost social insurance organizations saddled with the mandate of protecting employees in the Nigerian private sector (the non-pensionable sector). Regville Associates knows the need for companies to be compliant with this provisions of the law and will ensure the smooth processing of the provident fund for companies in the organized private sector.

2. Industrial Training Fund ( ITF )

The Industrial Training Fund (ITF) is charged with the responsibility of developing skilled indigenous man power to manage the various sectors of the Nigerian economy. Regville Associates as part of its corporate responsibility will boost the preparation of graduates and youths to get enrolled and build the required capacity to ensure business continuity in Nigeria.

3. National Pension Commission ( PENCOM )

The National Pension Commission (PENCOM) is the body that regulates, supervise and ensure the administration of pension matters in Nigeria. Regville Associates recognizes the need for companies to be pencom compliant and as such provides advisory services to that effect.

4. National Agency For Food & Drugs Administration Control ( NAFDAC )

The National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) is a federal agency under the Ministry of Health that is responsible for regulating and controlling the manufacture, importation, exportation, advertisement, distribution, sale and use of food and drugs. Regville Associates understands the importance of companies getting their products registered and ensures that companies get the process right from start to finish.

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