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Delaware incorporation has become a common trend among Nigerian startups in recent years, and for good reason. The state of Delaware has a business-friendly environment that offers many benefits to startups, including strong legal protections, tax advantages, and access to a well-established legal system.

According to a recent report by Crunchbase, over 60% of Nigerian startups that have received funding have been incorporated in Delaware. This trend is a significant shift from a few years ago when most startups in Nigeria were incorporated locally. So, what has caused this shift, and why are more Nigerian startups incorporating in Delaware?

One significant factor contributing to the popularity of Delaware incorporation is its strong legal system, which provides businesses with significant protection. Delaware courts are well-known for their expertise in corporate law and their willingness to rule in favor of businesses. Additionally, Delaware has a well-established legal infrastructure that provides fast, efficient, and consistent court decisions, which is essential for startups looking to establish and grow their business.

Another reason why more Nigerian startups are choosing Delaware incorporation is the tax advantages it provides. Delaware has no sales tax, and its corporate income tax is relatively low compared to other states in the US. This means that startups can save money on taxes, which can be reinvested back into their businesses.

Moreover, Delaware is home to many venture capital firms and investors, which makes it an attractive location for startups looking to raise capital. Many investors prefer investing in Delaware-incorporated companies because of the legal protections and other benefits it provides.

Finally, incorporating in Delaware can also provide a level of credibility to startups. By incorporating in a state known for its business-friendly environment, startups can signal to investors and customers that they are serious about their business and are willing to take the necessary steps to protect their interests.

To illustrate the trend of Nigerian startups incorporating in Delaware, we can look at some examples. Flutterwave, a Nigerian fintech company that raised $170 million in a recent funding round, is incorporated in Delaware. Another example is Paystack, a Nigerian payments startup that was acquired by Stripe in 2020 for over $200 million. Paystack was also incorporated in Delaware.

In conclusion, the trend of Nigerian startups incorporating in Delaware is a significant shift in the country’s startup ecosystem. The benefits of incorporating in Delaware, including strong legal protections, tax advantages, access to venture capital firms, and credibility, are driving more and more Nigerian startups to incorporate there. As Nigeria’s startup ecosystem continues to grow, it is likely that more startups will follow this trend and choose Delaware incorporation as their preferred option.

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