Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission


1.1 The Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) Act 16 of 1995 established the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission established by law to encourage, promote, and coordinate all investments in Nigeria. This act also regulates the participation of foreign businesses in the country.

1.2 The NIPC Act allows foreign nationals to own up to 100% equity and invest in any business in Nigeria except those indicated on the negative list as defined by section 31 of the Act such as the production of arms, ammunition, narcotics and related substances.

1.3 Section 20 of the NIPC Act requires all enterprises in which foreign participation is permitted to apply to the Commission for business registration.


2.1 To apply for NIPC Business Registration Certificate, the following documents are required:

2.1.1 Duly completed NIPC Form I;

2.1.2 Memorandum & Articles of Association;

2.1.3 Certificate of Incorporation;

2.1.4 CAC Form 1.1 (or CAC Forms CO2 and CO7 for old companies);

2.1.5 Power of Attorney/ Letter of Authority (where applicable);

2.1.6 Approved Remita payment receipt of N15,000.00 only (Non- refundable)

2.1.7 NIPC payment receipt


3.1 The NIPC Business Registration takes 24 hours to process once all required documents are submitted.

3.1.1 Applicant downloads NIPC Form 1 from the website at;

3.1.2 Applicant pays a non-refundable processing fee of N15,000.00 only, via Remita online portal at;

3.1.3 Applicant submits all required documents (see 1.4 above) at the One Stop Investment Centre in NIPC or scanned copies sent to;

3.1.4 NIPC Business Registration Certificate issued to the applicant.

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Peer-2-Peer Cryptocurrency platform over time has appeared to be a safe, green, fewer liabilities branch of Cryptocurrency that one can venture into.

Here are simple steps to take to set up such an outfit in Nigeria.

  • COMPANY REGISTRATION: CAC is the body saddled with the responsibility of registration of Companies in Nigeria. It is advisable to be creative in the usage of the word “Cryptocurrency” in drafting the objects of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, words such as fintech support services are advisable. The Government is still passive and skeptical about Cryptocurrency.  
  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION: The digital space is an open playbook. It is advisable to protect your Intellectual Property such as names and logos. Intellectual Property theft and infringement are common in the digital space. IP Property protection cannot be overemphasized to avoid brand identity theft or scam. It is advisable to copyright your source codes also.  
  • APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: Having put the necessary legal structures in place, Application Development is the next step. It is important to have in place a Service Agreement which stipulates the expected time of delivery, the deliverables, the return of login details and passwords, the protection of confidential information and other essential clauses. Integrating a two-factor authentication feature, users verification, escrow feature, etc is important. Understudying your industry leaders’ apps such as Binance is not bad.  
  • POLICIES: Policies are the legal framework of the Company, it is advisable to put in place stringent follow-through policies such as Know Your Customer, Suspicious Activity Policy, Privacy Policy, Reporting Policy etc
  • REGULATORY AND COMPLIANCE: At the moment the Government is not all that settled with Cryptocurrency, a little misdemeanour can trigger the force of hell out. The need to engage a Compliance and Regulatory Firm cannot be overemphasized. To advise on compliance and regulatory statutes and their respective bodies including the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (the NFIU), the Special Control Unit on Money-laundering (SCUML), the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), State Inland Revenue Service etc.

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