The National Pension Commission (PenCom) is the regulatory body overseeing Nigeria’s pension administration. To ensure that companies operating in the country adhere to best practices in pension management, PenCom requires all employers to apply for and obtain a Compliance Certificate. This article will discuss the steps companies can follow to apply for a PenCom Compliance Certificate.

1. REGISTER WITH PENCOM: The first step in the process is to register with PenCom by filling out the Employer Registration Form (ERF) and submitting it to the nearest PenCom office. The form can be obtained from the PenCom website or any of its offices.

2. OPEN A PENSION FUND ADMINISTRATOR (PFA) ACCOUNT: After registering with PenCom, the next step is to open a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) account. PFAs are organizations that manage pension funds on behalf of employers. A list of registered PFAs can be found on the PenCom website.

3. SUBMIT EMPLOYEE INFORMATION: Companies are required to submit employee information, including names, addresses, and contribution history, to their PFA. This information is necessary for the PFA to compute each employee’s pension contributions and benefits.

4. REMIT CONTRIBUTIONS: Companies are required to remit employee contributions to their PFA on a monthly basis (minimum of 10% by employer and minimum of 8% by the employee).

(a) for the last three fiscal years for organizations that were in existence for that period and have five (5) or more staff

(b) for organizations that have not been in existence for the last three fiscal years, from the date of Incorporation/registration/licensing to the last fiscal year.

5. GROUP LIFE INSURANCE: Evidence of valid Group Life Insurance Policy for employees which should include amongst others, a certificate of group life, policy document and evidence of payment.

6. APPLY FOR A COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE: Upon successful submission of all required reports and documentation, companies will be issued a PenCom Compliance Certificate. This certificate is valid for one year and must be renewed annually.

Applicants are to note that it takes 15 working days from the date of receipt for an application to be processed. Certificates or rejections can be picked up at the offices where the applications were submitted.

In conclusion, PENCOM mandates that pension remittance should be made not later than seven (7) days after payment of salaries. PENCOM has begun the introduction of penalties payable by the employer to the employee RSA if remittance is not made within seven (7) days after payment of salaries. The PENCOM has also engaged Consulting Firms (majorly audit & accounting firms) to carry out audit exercises to check compliances.

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