The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is the regulatory agency responsible for registering and regulating companies in Nigeria. The removal of directors in Nigeria is governed by the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) which provides the legal framework for the appointment and removal of directors in Nigerian companies.

According to CAMA, directors can be removed by:

1. RESIGNATION: A director may resign from their position at any time by giving notice in writing to the company.

2. RETIREMENT: Directors are required to retire at the annual general meeting of the company and may be re-elected if they wish to continue serving on the board.

3. TERMINATION BY THE COMPANY: The company may remove a director by passing a resolution to that effect at a general meeting of the shareholders.

4. TERMINATION BY THE CAC: The CAC may remove a director if they are found to have acted in a manner that is prejudicial to the interests of the company or if they have been declared bankrupt.

It is important to note that the removal of directors must be done in accordance with the provisions of CAMA and any relevant regulations. The CAC may investigate and enforce compliance with these provisions to ensure the proper removal of directors.

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