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Compliance certificates are documents that show that a business is operating in accordance with the laws, regulations and standards set by the relevant authorities. In Nigeria, businesses are required to obtain a number of compliance certificates to demonstrate their compliance with the country’s laws and regulations this includes, a Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) issued by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), ITF Certificate issued by the Industrial Training Fund, NSITF Compliance Certificate issued by The Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, PENCOM Certificate issued by The Pension Commission and Acknowledgement copies of payment of Annual Returns.

Here are five reasons why business owners need to have compliance certificates:

1. LEGAL COMPLIANCE: By obtaining compliance certificates, businesses demonstrate that they are operating within the law and that they are adhering to the standards and regulations set by the relevant authorities. This helps to reduce the risk of legal penalties and fines that may arise from non-compliance.

2. IMPROVED REPUTATION: Having compliance certificates can also help to enhance the reputation of a business. Customers and other stakeholders are more likely to trust a business that is in compliance with the law, which can translate into increased sales and a better bottom line.

3. ENHANCED COMPETITIVENESS: Obtaining compliance certificates can also give businesses a competitive edge over their competitors. By demonstrating their commitment to operating within the law and adhering to industry standards, businesses can differentiate themselves from those who are not in compliance.

4. ACCESS TO OPPORTUNITIES: Many businesses are required to have compliance certificates to participate in certain tenders or to enter into partnerships with other organizations. This means that by obtaining compliance certificates, businesses can gain access to new opportunities and markets that may not be available to those who are not in compliance.

5. PEACE OF MIND: Finally, having compliance certificates can provide peace of mind to business owners, as they know that they are operating within the law and that they are meeting the standards and regulations set by the relevant authorities. This can help to reduce the stress and anxiety that can arise from uncertainty and help business owners to focus on growing their businesses.

In conclusion, compliance certificates are an important part of doing business in Nigeria and can provide a number of benefits to business owners. By demonstrating their commitment to operating within the law and adhering to industry standards, businesses can reduce the risk of legal penalties, improve their reputation, enhance their competitiveness, gain access to new opportunities, and provide peace of mind to their owners.

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FIRS One Click TCC January 2nd, 2023


January 2nd 2023, The Federal Inland Revenue Service via its social media platforms gave Business Owners a beautiful Happy New Year Gift: Get Your Tax Clearance Certificate In One Click. Waoo! what a relief, what a joy to business owners. Industry experts showered praises on the Revenue Service, they said it is a giant boost to the Nation’s Ease of Doing Business.

We compiled Five (5) Take Homes from this development

1. NO LIABILITY FROM PRECEDING YEARS: Only Companies with no liabilities including already due VAT will have access to download the Tax Clearance Certificate.

2. PREVIOUS ACCOUNTS/STATEMENT OF AFFAIRS: Preceding Years’ Audited Financial Statement or Statement of Account must have been filed.

3. TAXPROMAX REGISTRATION: If you have not completed your TaxProMax Registration, then you can’t have access to the platform. Issuance of Tax Identification Number (which recently comes with CAC Registration) doesn’t imply the Company is registered on TaxProMax.

4. BUSINESS NAMES: It is worth noting that Business Names can’t apply for or be issued Tax Clearance certificates rather the State issued Tax Clearance Certificate/Document will suffice as the Business Name Tax Clearance.

5. DECEMBER 31ST 2023 EXPIRATION: Unlike the Temporary TCC rolled out some years back which covered only 6 months, this is a full-year tax clearance certificate bearing December 31st 2023 as its expiration date.


This is a beautiful development and we appreciate the management of FIRS for this lofty stride, reducing the bottleneck process of getting TCC from tax offices.

We also want to draw the attention of the Revenue Service to the other missing information on the TCC. A careful look at the downloaded Tax Clearance Certificate as of the 3rd of January, 2023 shows that information for some assessment years is missing. We are sure the Revenue Service has duly noted the anomaly and will rectify same as soon as possible.

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